Consignment Information


At Bag Lust, we take the hassle out of selling your luxury items by authenticating, photographing, marketing to our network of fashion enthusiasts, shipping and handling transactions. We ensure that our sellers get the best value for their merchandise by working with them to determine a fair listing price. We typically accept designer handbags, women’s shoes, fashion accessories, fashion jewelry, and outerwear (depending on the season) that are new or pre-loved. 


2024 Consignment Rates

$0 - $500
$501 - $2500
$2501 - $5000
$5001 - $10 000 14%
$10 000 + TBD


Occasional Promotional Consignment Rates are offered via our Instagram page @baglustconsignment

Accepted Items

We pride ourselves in offering clients quality pieces. We only accept items that are in good to brand new condition. There is a specific criteria that the item has to fulfil in order to be deemed sellable including but not limited to: authenticity, current fashion trends, demand, condition, designer, storage capacity, retail value etc. 

Any items we receive that are deemed inauthentic will be charged a $150 fee if the consignor wants the item back, otherwise it will be discarded within 10 days after notification.  



The price is based on several factors including but not limited to the retail value, resale value, designer, condition, trends, inclusions and demand. We make an evaluation based on clear photos or videos, and information provided. The final price is determined by both the consignor and Bag Lust prior to listing.


Consignment Period

The consignment period is typically 60 days. 


Shipping/Drop Off

It is the consignor's responsibility to ship the item(s) to Bag Lust. We also offer two drop off options within the GTA for your convenience (York Region and Toronto).

Contract Termination

We understand that this can happen at times. The termination fee is $150 plus applicable shipping fees. This is due to the cost and labour that is required to evaluate, authenticate, photograph, and market the items.


End of Contract

At the end of the consignment period, there will be two options. The item(s) will either be returned or an extension of the term will be offered. Please note that the seller will be responsible for picking up the item or the return shipping cost. 

We offer a 14 day storage policy upon termination of the consignment contract. After this period the item must be picked up or paid a return shipping cost, otherwise it will become Bag Lust Consignment's property.


Consignor Payment

Payments are made within 1.5 weeks of finalized transaction. If the item is on layaway then the payment will be processed once the layaway payments have been completed. There are a few payment options including: Bank Transfer, Email Money Transfer, and PayPal*.

*Please register with PayPal prior to deposit in order to avoid delays.